Saito Morihiro sensei



The late Saito Morihiro sensei is the high-brother of Aikido founder Morihei Ueshiba, served for 23 years to the founder, handed down the techniques and forms of the founder's direct story left in the rock, and was the longest-serving teacher in the aikikai who was protected from the Aiki Shrine Aikishuren Dojo (now Ibaraki Dojo), He was one of the few apprentices who was able to receive weapons training from the founder, and was the only teacher who was allowed to teach swords and canes at the headquarters dojo, and taught Aikido extensively in Japan and abroad.
Aikido seminar was held in Osaka from 1999 to 1991.

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[Books by Saito Morihiro sensei] Aikido and Takemusu Aikido