Practice-in-a-practice knowledge

   "Practice Knowledge" in Aikido's Opening Technical Book "Budo"

1. Aikido is the one that controls the death and death to win a blow, and power
Don't compete.
2. Aikido is always in front of you, but also in all directions, if you are the art of hitting a million.It takes practice.
3. Practice is always pleasant.
4. The leader's guidance is only a little more than a part of it, and the strangeness of the use ofIt is the one that it is possible to master it by starting to depend on the practice. It takes a lot of work to be made one by one self.
5. In the day-to-day practice, start from the change of the body first, increase the sequential strength, force the bodyIt takes a lot of time to live. However, it is necessary to achieve the purpose of training to continue the practice pleasantly without causing the breakdown to the body of any old man and the nephew at the time.
6. Aikido is aimed at training the mind and body, and making a sincere person, and with the secret of the work,or avoid the misuse of Ichii Burai.