Instructions on Practice

         “Instructions on Aikido Practice”

Based on “Instructions on Practice”from “Budo”,the tecchnical bookby the Aikido Founder

1. aikido is an art of fetal techniques. Therefore, one must foiiow the instructions of a   masterdurind practice and should not compete with others in vain.
2. Aikido is an art of comprehensive moves. During practice , one should pay
  attention to what isin front and at the same time watching out possible attacks    from every angles.

3. One should practice in a joyful mood.

4. Instructions from a master provide only intensive teachings from one point of     view. Applicaton of techniques depends on the constant practice by oneself.     Students should notoverwhem themselves with too many instructins, but to      progress at each’s own pace.

5. Daily practice will first transfrom one’s body, and subsequently enhance one’s
  physical strength. Therefore, it is unnecessary to push oneself too hard. The     natureof practice is to enjoy the practice and therebyreceive further persistent    training, be itthe ekderly or disabled.

6. Aikido tempers one’s mind and body, bringing out the sincerity in a person. Sine    aikido is passeddown fully in secret, one shold avoid showing to others in vain     and avoid the misuse by villains

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