Introduction to dojo

This Aikido Dojo has served Aikido founders for many years, and is a Aikido dojo under the gate of Saito Morihiro sensei and Hitohira, who have been handed down the Aikido of The Founder of Aikido for many years, in the Osaka district (Osaka City, Moriguchi City, Kadoma City, Neyagawa City) and Hyogo district (Hyogo area) Kawanishi City and Kashiwazaki City) is the only Aikido Dojo.
In keeping with Professor Saito's teachings, he is training the aikido (body art, swords, and cane) of the founder.
Since 1998, he has trained four years in Iwama as an internal disciple, and trained as the last Japanese disciple of the late Professor Morihiro Saito.
Every year, we invite Saito sensei to hold a lecture on Aikido.
At the Aikido Dojo, beginners will practice Aikido's weapons skills (swords and canes) from the beginning. Every summer, we hold a training camp for Aikido (weapon symbiois) and a Aikido Enbu tournament.
You can experience it (free of charge), so please contact us.