Aikido is a martial art that founder Ueshiba Morihei studied the mysteries of
traditional Japanese martial arts and developed from martial arts to Aikido through
rigorous mental training. Aikido aims to train the mind and body and to make
asincere person without competing for power mischievously. In addition, it is said
that the movement of Aikido is the one that the founder shows "the rilito of the
sword" in the body.
Aikido Founder
Morihei Ueshiba, founder of Aikido, was born in Nishinotani Village (now Tanabe City)
in Nishimuro-gun, Wakayama Prefecture, and began martial arts from an early age,
began his martial arts, and studied traditional Japanese martial arts, and completed
the aikido in the rocky area of Ibaraki Prefecture after the war. This completed
technique is called "Takemusu Aikido".
Aiki shrine
Aiki Shrine was built in Iwama Town, Ibaraki Prefecture by the founder ofAikido
during the war, and is enshrined by the 43 great gods, including SusanooOkami, and
is said tohave completed Aikido. It is the only Aikido shrine in the world. Every year on
April 29th, the Aiqi Grand Festival is held.
Aikido technical Book " budo"
This technical book "Budo" is the only technical book published in 1938 by Morihei
Ueshiba, the founder of Aikido. The techniques described in this technical book are
exactly the same as those of Aikido that are left between Iwama, Ibaraki Prefecture.
Saito Morihiro sensei
The late Morihiro Saito sensei was the high eston of Aikido founder Morihei Ueshiba,
who served the founder for 23 years, was handed down the Aikido (techniques and
forms) of the Founder Naoden left in the rock, and was the longest-serving teacher
at the Aikikai, which had been protected by Aiki Shrine and Aiki Shuren Dojo (Ibaraki
Dojo). He was one of the few apprentices who was able to receive weapons training
from the founder, and was the only teacher who was allowed to teach swords and canes at the headquarters dojo, and taught Aikido extensively in Japan and abroad.
Aikido seminar was held in Osaka from 1999 to 1991.
Saito Hitohira sensei
Hitohira Saito sensei is the son of Morihiro Saito sensei, and he is a teacher who was
trained by Aikido founders as a child, and after the founder's death, he was trained
about Saito sensei, preserved the tradition of Iwama, and handed down the aikido of
the founder, and he has taught Aikido extensively in Japan and abroad. After the
death of his founder, he was protected by Aiki Shrine and Aiki Training Dojo with Morihiro sensei. In 2004, he left the Aikikai and established the traditional Iwama-ryu Aikido (Iwama Shin Shin AiKi Training Association).
Aikido seminer
Saito Hitohirasensei was invited to hold a Ikigus seminar in Osaka from 2003 to 2017.
Introduction to Dojo
Introduction to Dojo
Our Aikido Dojo observes the teachings of Morihiro Saito, who had been handed down the aikido of the founder sanding in Iwama, Ibaraki Prefecture, and is studying the aikido
(body art, swords, and cane) of the founder.
In addition, I also tell the attention (consideration) that the late Saito sensei has
always been told in the rehearsal.
Since 1998, she has trained four years in Iwama as an internal disciple, and has
trained as the last Japanese disciple by Morihiro Saito sensei . Beginners will also
practice weapons techniques (swords and canes) from the beginning at the Aikido Dojo.
There is also an introduction from Iwama's inner apprenticeship, the founder of Aikido, and Saito sensei and hitohira sensei.
2020 in January , we left iwama Shinshin Aiki training party and became independent.
Aikido Training Place
It is a training place of Aikido in the Osaka district of The Aikido Dojo (Tsurumi,Moriguchi,Kadoma,Osaka City) and Hyogo district (KawanishiandAmagasaki).
Aikido training scene
It is a training scene of Aikido in the Osaka district of The Aikido Dojo (Tsurumi,Moriguchi,
Kadoma,Osaka City) and Hyogo district (KawanishiandAmagasaki). There are also images of children (sword-to-cane, set-sword, set-up) weapons skills of Aikido.
Training Calendar
It is a training schedule of the Aikido Dojo.
Aikido Enbukai
It is a scenery of the enbukai (this timePreviousproviously)of the Aikido Dojo.
Aikido Training Campand Aikido Join Training
It is a scenery of the training camp(this timePreviousproviously) and the joint practice (this timePreviousproviously)of the Aikido Dojo
Self-defense of seminer
It is a lecture scene of the self-defense art(this timePreviousproviously).
Practice in Italy
It is a rehearsal scenery (this timePrevious) in Ravenna (aiki shin dojo) in Italy.  
It is a recreational landscape.
It is an introduction of the dojo which is studying the technique of the founder left in Iwama in Ibaraki Prefecture.
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